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Our story

In 1938, Josef Payr - the grandfather of today's Steinbock managing director Joseph Payr - started processing textiles together with his wife Thusnelda in a factory in Telfs in Tyrol.

He passed on his love and dedication for special materials to the next two generations, who have cherished and cultivated the high quality standards for Steinbock brand products to this day.

From the very beginning, great importance was attached to ongoing development work, which over the decades has resulted in an attractive range of unique designs and products for men and women, and today the range includes coats, outdoor jackets, jackets, jackets, vests, pants, dresses and skirts, for which materials from Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland are used.

The current company headquarters in Rum near Innsbruck provides a common space for all creative, administrative and logistical activities and thus enables smooth and productive cooperation throughout the entire business process.

Our philosophy

We see ourselves as a family business - family means basic trust. A shared history. And cohesion for a shared future.
We at STEINBOCK are not only a family business, we also want to be a family business characterized by mutual respect among all employees. We associate our great love of our homeland and our origins with Tyrol.

At STEINBOCK, we have a decades-long tradition of paying the utmost attention to every detail of our collections:
starting with the quality of the press studs, the best zippers and the careful processing of the contrasting edgings and seams that are so typical of STEINBOCK.

We want to continue to carefully cultivate the unique selling point of traditional costume, which is the envy of other countries, and preserve it in the same way as our nature and carefully pass it on from one generation to the next.
Our design is always authentic and will still be modern tomorrow. When it comes to workmanship, we don't just listen to fashion, we prefer to listen to what these honest fabrics tell us.
Attention to detail in our workmanship is the be-all and end-all for us.

We maintain a sustainable and appreciative business relationship with our reliable and quality-conscious production partners. Their masterful craftsmanship and skill deserve our greatest appreciation.

Founder couple Thusnelda & Josef Payr
Steinbock sewing room
Sale by the Steinbock representatives
Delivery van Steinbock
Sale to customers
Steinbock Official Olympic supplier of the Austrian team 1964
Newspaper report Steinbock Tyrol Loden coat
Storage hall Rum 1982

Our materials

For three generations now, we have been working with materials that we encounter in nature and that are part of our alpine landscape.
The high-quality loden, fullers and wool fabrics as well as the exclusive linen and cotton fabrics from sustainable production are high-quality natural products whose positive basic properties and many advantages make up the characteristic look and feel of Steinbock fashion!

Water repellent
Wind repellent
Odour repellent
Respiratory active
Flame retardant
Extra robust
100% natural

The protective cloth!

A unique piece of clothing from the Alpine region! Obtained from natural wool and processed into a yarn in up to 40 elaborate production steps, which is then spun into the characteristic woolen fabric for the Loden.
Our loden is traditionally produced without the addition of chemicals, which means that the natural wool grease - lanolin - is retained in the fabric and thus helps rainwater to run off.


For our loden coats, we mainly use "luxury Himalayan loden" (knitted loden, 85% virgin wool 15% alpaca), an unrolled loden, recognizable by its long, knotted pile.
For the jackets, we use a lighter loden, a cloth loden with cashmere content and excellent wearing comfort.

The gift from our domestic sheep

The skill of twisting wool into a thread probably dates back more than 5,000 years, making it one of the earliest techniques of human civilization.
Sheep's wool is a renewable raw material with the property of natural thermoregulation and can absorb water vapor inside the fiber, but the surface repels water.


Wonder fabric wool: heat-retaining, moisture-absorbing, temperature-regulating, breathable, crease-resistant, dirt- and water-repellent.

The natural fiber with special properties

Linen refers to both the fiber of the common flax and the linen fabric that is made from it. Linen is a very sustainable product, as it is a native natural fiber that is biodegradable. In our Steinbock products, we use very high-quality linen fabric, most of which also has "crease-resistant" properties.


Thanks to the smooth, easily spinnable fibers that trap little air, linen is highly breathable, tear-resistant, dirt-repellent, lint-free, bactericidal, antistatic and sweat-reducing. Bonus: Linen is very suitable for allergy sufferers!

The ideal companion for fall & winter

Walk is originally a woven textile made from sheep's wool, which is processed in a complex procedure so that the fibers become matted. This creates a dense fabric that is very hard-wearing and particularly suitable for winter and outdoor fashion.


Wool fabrics are highly windproof, water-repellent, crease-resistant and retain heat very well.

Pleasantly soft, breathable and light!

Cotton fabric is made from the seed hairs of cotton (Gossypium). The plant forms longer hairs which are spun into threads.
As a natural fiber and renewable raw material, cotton is particularly impressive due to its robustness and high tear resistance. At the same time, the material is abrasion-resistant and resistant to acids.


The cotton fiber releases excess heat well to the outside, has a non-insulating effect and is permeable to air. A fabric just the way you want it: breathable, soft and skin-friendly, easy to care for and hard-wearing!

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